Lansky's political cartoons span several years and several administrations.  We have recently uncovered several published and non-published works.  Each piece is being scanned and cataloged, with a select few featured on the Bernard Lansky website.

We currently feature 20 unique political cartoons from the mid-1970's in this gallery.  As more stock from this time period is scanned and archived, we will make it available here.

Please take a moment to view and enjoy these works.  If you have any questions or would simply like to comment on the works available for view, please feel free to contact us.

The San Diego Union published a feature article about Bernard Lansky in 1985.  Click here to view the article. 803kb .pdf file

Below are political cartoons as they appeared in the San Diego Union.  To view a larger version of a featured political cartoon, simply click on it.

More artwork from this era is being discovered and cataloged every day!
Please be check back soon.


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